The meaning of our logo
We have combined here the logo for Agragami Group of Educational Institutions with elements that are meaningful in the creation of our company. The background colors are the colours of Nature, beginings, knowledge and learning.

Other elements are a Guru sitting under the tree teaching his followers, the symbol for electrical discharge, the full Moon phase (as the best time to start the new learning process) and the Vinayaka - the six-pointed star described in the About Agragami page, that here symbolizes the Sun as the cosmic source of creation and energy on Earth.

Agragami Nature's Electricity Generating System Pvt. Ltd. (Agragami)is a private corporation registered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The Intellectual Properties that are the assets of this company are the culmination of a lifetime passion - 32 years of research and deep analysis of ancient Vedic sacred writings, specifically the Purusha Sukta.

The man behind this Lifetime Mission is Sri. H. R. Satishchandra, who is a distinguished alumni of Electrical Engineering from Malnad College of Engineering in Hassan Karnataka, with Meritorious Master of Technology (M. Tech. (Electrical) degree from Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore.

He started his career as Assistant Executive Engineer at the Orissa State Electricity Board and served there for a decade. At that time he began to recognize the environmental problems created by the current methods of energy generation. He also wanted to learn more in the field of Thermal Power Generation. This quest for knowledge motivated him to come to Canada and USA where he became Senior Executive in Public Power International Inc., in Framington, Massachusetts. This experience made him one of the best among the global thermal power specialists. His expertise is still in demand whenever there is a difficult problem to solve.

After serving there for more than a decade, he returned to India when his inner intuition inspired him to contribute in the field of Education. In 1999, together with like-minded personalities, he started J. C. Kala Educational and Cultural Trust, with an objective to impart general and professional education to all classes of people without seeking any donations from the public. Now, he is providing leadership and mentoring to managers, teachers and students in diversified educational directions within the Agragami Group of Educational Institutions, where more than 2,800 students are excelling in learning.

However, his fascination with finding the "better way" of energy generation and inspiration by the theory that ancient Vedas are encoded knowledge of the mankind passed on through thousands of years in the form of religious prayers and rituals. pushed him into deep study of the sacred writings, especially the Purusha Sukta, which proved to be a treasury of knowledge in energy generation.

For the past 32 years Satishchandra spends every free moment of his life pursuing the intellectual discoveries of our forefathers which he decrypted in deep meditation. And what rich and beautiful discoveries these are! After years of rebuking and ridicule, the scientific world is finally taking notice and recognizes that yes, Satishchandra was right by persisting in his pursuit of the ancient truths that we only are beginning to understand now, with all our advanced science.

Now, that the scientists in India, North America and Europe became interested in Satishchandra's research and his tireless work starts to bear fruit, we expect that the world will see shortly the electricity being generated at the place of individual requirement, at the most affordable rate, and without any generating stations or transmission and distribution grids.

This project has won National Level Gold Medal, International Gold Star Millennium award accorded by Prime Minister of Nepal, International Kohinoor Award at Bangkok, Rastreeya Ratna, Karnataka Tilaka, Karnataka Chetana, Karnataka Shree, Nada Devige and Karnataka Ratna - just a few mentioned here of over seventy awards for this project. Through its altruistic global perspective, this research will not only resolve the energy crisis in the world, but will also awaken the interest in the Vedas as the scientific resource and instill the pride of our heritage in the young generation.


Agragami donates their financial interests to not-for profit R&D organization that will build several innovation and technology centers with the purpose of researching and justifying unique concepts from a scientific perspective. Implementation of the projects is delegated to another global company which in turn will fund the further R&D and charitable distribution of the benefits to the poor regions of the world.

We will be working with selected universities in India, US, Germany, UK and Canada and will sponsor associated researchers and postgraduates working on their Master and PhD theses. We will also sponsor the exchange of researchers in both countries. We are specifically interested in electrical engineers, industrial engineers, mathematicians and physicists with knowledge of, or interest in magnetic fields, antigravity, nanomagnets, pico-particles as possible monomagnetic material, Halbach arrays, passive levitation and passive magnetic bearings, design and construction of electrical motors/generators, autonomous controls, Hybrid Intelligent Systems (soft computing), high precision manufacturing techniques and testing, and design of high precision production systems.

But most of all we are interested in graduate electrical and electronic engineers and physicists who already poses some knowledge of Sanskrit and are willing to work with us on pursuing the knowledge contained in Vedas. We will provide you with ample salary and good working conditions emphasizing mutual learning, equality and respect. In return we will be demanding your full attention and unwavering dedication. We expect that only a few will be suitable candidates - but the returns on your investment of time and passion will be tremendous. We are passionate about our work and our heritage, and hope that we will find young people who will take this fire of conviction from us to carry into the next generation.
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"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity."
Albert Einstein - US (German-born) physicist (1879 - 1955)

This video was made in 1992. Time has passed, but the speaker could as well make the same speech today. If you wonder why H.R. Satishchandra dedicated his life to the cause of finding a better way to generate electricity - this video and the explanation of our R&D will give you the answer.

Think about how you can help. Maybe you can come up with better answers than we can. But for this YOU NEED EDUCATION AND OPEN MIND. We believe, that you need to search within your own heritage, the VEDAS, to find the answers to EVERYTHING: from the issues of energy to health, life, and all the laws of the Universe by which EVERYTHING functions. So listen what this girl has to say... and resolve to help out. Many drops of rain make a raging river. Become a rain of life with us.


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